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1) Farming God’s Way is a resource given to the wider body of Christ, to equip the poor and break the yoke of poverty.
2) Farming God's Way is rooted in a deep, heartfelt consideration for the poor, based on our founding scripture Isaiah 58.
3) Farming God's Way is not just a technology. Instead it is a tool for equipping into the "agricultural domain" with three integrated spheres of influence, Biblical, Management and Technology. All three have a significant role in ushering in the promised abundant life of Jesus Christ.
4)Farming God's Way is a non-organisational, non-denominational entity made up of a voluntary relational network of people.
5)Farming God's Way is a free God-given gift, to the wider body of Christ, to extend and implement under their own coverings into the communities they serve.
6) Farming God's Way has a decentralised but co-ordinated approach to extension. We encourage a liberal extension by well equipped trainers whilst encouraging relational feedback for streamlining regional impact.
7) A "stewardship team" voluntarily serve and oversee Farming God's Way. They have been involved in Farming God's Way for many years now and share a heart to see the wider body of Christ extend this message of hope to the poor.