Farming God's Way Logo

The new logo, produced in 2009, was designed to fully capture the heart of Farming God's Way.


The poor across the globe are central in this theme and the orange glow depicts the promise of Isaiah 58 “Your light will break forth like the dawn”, starting with Africa as our core focal point and extending to the remotest parts of the earth.


The cross and bowl symbolise Christ like humility and servanthood, where He was prepared to give up His crown and glory to serve the poor wholeheartedly.


The horizontal portion of the cross is golden to represent God’s Blanket protecting and covering the brown soil, which is such an important inheritance to pass on through generations.


The vertical portion of the cross is blue to depict the provision of God’s blessing in rainfall passing through the lush green growth and God’s golden blanket, penetrating deeply, filling up the soil profile.