What is Farming God’s Way ?

Farming God’s Way is not an organisation, but rather a tool or resource, freely available for individuals, NGO’s, mission’s or churches to be able to use to make a difference in the lives of the communities they have influence into.

It is an amazing solution to the food security and poverty crisis facing agricultural communities, incorporating some of the oldest technologies on the planet, which were designed by the Creator God before man was even on the face of the earth when He put His laws in place to govern His diverse creation, and their complex inter-relations with one another.

Gen 2:8,9: “And the Lord God planted a garden toward the east in Eden, and there he placed the man whom He had formed. And out of the ground the Lord God caused to grow every tree that is pleasing to the sight and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”

The above scripture clearly establishes that God planted a garden towards the east in Eden. God Himself was the very “First farmer” and as the creator, He knows what is best for His creation, therefore He is also the “Master farmer”. In Farming God’s Way we try to emulate everything that He has shown us, as closely as possible.

Farming God’s Way is made up of 3 spheres of influence – Biblical, Management and Technology – which are interwoven together throughout – all applicable to agriculture and farmers.

The 6 Biblical Keys

  1. Acknowledge God and God alone
  2. Consider your ways
  3. Understanding God’s all sufficiency
  4. What you sow you will reap
  5. Bring the tithes and offerings back to God
  6. Stake your claim


The 4 Management Keys

  1. On time
  2. To high standards
  3. With minimal wastage
  4. With the fruit of the Spirit

The 6 Technology Keys

  1. No ploughing
  2. 100% coverage with God’s Blanket (2.5cm thick)
  3. Practise biodiversity (Rotations & other methods)
  4. Feed plants from the top
  5. Ensure canopy cover
  6. Permanence

Farming God’s Way is a holistic model of agriculture, meeting small scale farmers where they are at, whilst dealing astoundingly well with the negative parameters facing them. Countless success stories abound from around the world, where farmers have implemented Farming God’s Way wholeheartedly, where lives and livelihoods have been transformed, with the evidence of food security, radically increased yields, profitability and the restoration of farmers’ self-worth.

Use the arrow to read more/less of each testimony below:

Dickson Shuwali, Malawi

Our family was very poor when I was growing up and there were many times we ate only a meal every second day. My father used to get three bags of maize from his land which I inherited and the soil was completely destroyed.
In my 1st year of doing Farming God’s Way I didn’t have enough blanket but covered 13% of the land area to a high standard. I harvested 4 bags from where I had God’s blanket and just 1 bag from the balance of the area because of the drought. In my 2nd year I harvest 45 bags; then 54 bags; then 69 bags in my 4th year but after faithfully doing Farming God’s Way now for 17 years I harvested the equivalent of 113 bags in 2023. I praise God for His abundant blessings in my life and His provision for my family, and for the thousands of farmers I have been able to equip with Farming God’s Way.

Vocare Ministries Farm, Uganda
by Klint Ostermann

Farming God’s Way has been an incredible asset for our ministry in Uganda. It provides us with opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with rural farmers who would otherwise be difficult to reach. Additionally, it enables us to establish relationships with these farmers, allowing us to disciple them over a period of five to seven years through ongoing training and mentorship. Moreover, Farming God’s Way has proven to be an effective tool in helping impoverished rural communities improve their farming practices and lift themselves out of poverty. I highly recommend Farming God’s Way to any organization that works with rural farmers worldwide.

Nomfundo Manzini, Idutywa (Eastern Cape, SA)

Farming Gods Way is the greatest gift my Father in heaven gave me. I found what I’ve been desperately searching for – a development tool which is purposely intended to bring complete freedom to those who are under the yoke of poverty.
I found my purpose for living through teaching this kingdom agricultural tool and subsequently give to others the opportunity, mentoring, education and training that is freely given to me to become a successful farmer and an agent of change. Our home garden is  becoming a beacon of hope for communities living in drylands, especially in the Transkei and eSwatini. To God be the glory!

Leo and Ruth, Nicaragua

Farming God’s Way has had a great impact on our community, not only because of the incredible soil improvement and high crop yields, but also the spiritual harvest through the biblical teachings. It has helped us reach those who do not believe in the Lord, bringing souls to Christ and strengthening us spiritually to consider our ways and seek more of God’s face.

Daniel Waithaika, Kenya

I am a testimony that with Farming God’s way, one needs to be patient and pray for the soil because God is the “all sufficienct One”. I started with a quarter acre and I can validate God’s words “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.”

Farming God’s Way enables our family to work together. It has transformed me and my way of farming in that I no longer till the soil and I now use God’s blanket. This saves us lots of money and maintains the soil moisture, hence less irrigation water is used. The yields are much more as we harvest bountifully. My family no longer has to buy food from the market, instead we harvest from the farm. What we do influences many people to start using Farming God’s Way.

Growing Nations, Lesotho
by Joshua Ramatlali

Since Growing Nations introduced Farming God’s Way in Lesotho, the influence is immeasurable. We have a very good relationship with the Lesotho Government through the Ministry of Agriculture, other NGO’s, Lesotho Agricultural College, primary and high schools, farmers, national radio and television, other local radio stations and churches.  Therefore, the message of Farming God’s Way is spreading very fast in Lesotho.  In March every year at Growing Nations we hold a Farmer’s Field Day. This is one of the best opportunities whereby all the above-mentioned people and stake holders around the country come to Growing Nations to see Farming God’s Way practices and meet with Growing Nations’s Team.  The Lesotho National  Conservation Agriculture  Task Force Team under Ministry of Agriculture has regarded Growing Nations as The School of Excellence on Farming God’s Way.  We thank and praise God for this wonderful opportunity for introducing Farming God’s Way in Lesotho. We Pray that the Basotho Nation will be blessed abundantly, experience God in their lives and have better relationship with God.

Ation Mari, South Africa

I learned about Farming God’s Way under the mentorship of Grant Dryden at the model farm in Port Elizabeth from 2008 for 11 years. I have taken this knowledge and been farming all kinds of vegetables successfully for many years now and helped many others to do the same. My favorite vegetables to grow are sweetcorn, spinach, cabbage and onions but i grow many others too.

Tamou Mounkoro, Mali

I am Tamou Mounkoro from Bethel farm in Mali. We are currently busy harvesting our beans at the farm that were planted as a double crop after the harvest of our maize. This is the first year we have ever been able to have 2 harvests because of implementing Farming God’s Way. We thank the Lord for that.  Farming God’s Way is truly an efficient tool for the fight against poverty for our families and especially adaptable for us countries in the Sahel region.  We give thanks to the Lord Jesus for this beautiful tool He has given us.  Glory to God in His name, amen.

Pastor Elias Chunga, Zambia.

Ever since I learned Farming God’s Way in the year 2004, I have been practising Farming God’s Way at our church site to generate income, but more importantly to teach our congregation and neighbouring communities to do the same.

Farming God’s Way has transformed the lives of many people in our area – widows, orphans and youths. People who could not afford  to buy bicycles or buy school books for their children can now afford even to eat healthy food  and sleep in good houses. So pray with us in transforming the nations.

Creation Stewardship International, Kenya – by Antony Muga

CSI considers Farming God’s Way as a tool that effectively tackles the food insecurity needs of Africa. In bringing healing to the poor, and to degraded landscapes, improving crop productivity, as well as helping restore broken relationships, it is a key cog in the transformational agenda of CSI. Farming God’s Way brings God back into the centre of how we view and practice agriculture. It is a holistic approach that ministers to farmers, addressing both the spiritual detachment from the Creator, and the physical roots of the declines that are taking place.

Molula Matoba, Lesotho

I was living overseas when I felt God calling me back to my home country of Lesotho to implement what I had learned from my Farming God’s Way training.  Upon my return, we purchased some land and we are farming nearby land as well. 
It has been a year since we started Hope Farms and we are busy at work.  We have trained others in Farming God’s Way so they can also benefit from farming. We have a helper this season which is enabling us to plant 3 and 4 times as many crops as we did last year.  We are looking forward to a good harvest and the opportunity to grow even more.

Victory 4 All, South Africa
by Johan Vos

Victory 4 All run a school and skills centre for children with special needs in Humansdorp, called Rainbow Village. We always wanted a garden to have fresh organic food for our kids and for them to get hands on experience in the garden. But, we only had a terrible site that was previously used as a dump ground, that was full of rubble, rocks and where old used car oil had been poured out. It has been incredible to see what the Lord can do and we are so grateful for the redemptive miracles we have seen on the land in our children’s lives.


God and the Bible are central to all we teach and do. Our hope is to see lives transformed through the promised abundant life of Jesus Christ.
Farming God’s Way is rooted in a deep, heartfelt consideration for the poor, based on our founding scripture, Isaiah 58.
Farming God’s Way is not just a technology. Instead it is a tool for equipping into the “agricultural domain” with three integrated spheres of influence: Biblical, Management and Technology.
Farming God’s Way is an expression of the good news of the Kingdom of God which transcends and supercedes all cultures. It is non-organisational, non-denominational and apolitical and is overseen by the Stewardship team.
Farming God’s Way is made up of a relational network of people; who voluntarily work under their own coverings, liberally extending this free resource into the communities they serve. The network is encouraged to provide regular feedback to regional leaders for co-ordination.
Farming God’s Way has an intensive equipping track to develop highly skilled accredited trainers, to represent Farming God’s Way at the highest level and to assist in the mentoring of future trainers.
Farming God’s Way discourages the perpetuation of the dependency cycle through handouts, handups or cash loans, except in the case of urgent short term disaster relief. Instead, we encourage the empowerment of the poor with the knowledge to be able to come out of poverty with what God has put in their hands.

Meet the Stewardship Team

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